New Connectivity Partner: ShipHero

Chief Marketing Officer @Pipe17
January 27, 2022

ShipHero is the latest addition to our Connectivity Partner program. ShipHero was founded in 2013 by Aaron Rubin, a guy who owned his own lifestyle eCommerce brand and was frustrated with the shipping software options available. So like many entrepreneurs that came before him, he decided to do something about it – and the ShipHero warehouse management software (WMS) was born to make it easier to ship eCommerce.

Aaron knew running your warehouse shouldn’t be so damn complicated for eCommerce businesses. Aaron saw the same problem we did, most software platforms were not designed ground up for eCommerce. eCommerce merchants face unique challenges in growing their businesses. By focusing we both can put more intelligence into our software so its easier to use and does more to help you run your business.

Building on the ShipHero journey, in 2019, ShipHero Fulfillment was born. Today, ShipHero Fulfillment owns and operates warehouses around the US that fulfill eCommerce orders for high growth D2C brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Working together ShipHero and Pipe17 are making easy reliable connectivity available to frustrated sellers and brands. As eCommerce businesses grow the number of applications they must exchange data with grows as well. Pipe17 Connectivity Partners are Software as a Service providers that believe in our vision of democratized connectivity for eCommerce. We worked closely with them to develop an intelligent connector for their application that lets their clients quickly connect ShipHero – WMS or 3PL – with an expanding range of eCommerce applications to streamline their operations and grow faster, more profitably.

Welcome Aaron Rubin and ShipHero! We are thrilled to be connected.

You will find the link to the press announcement is here.

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Jon Gettinger
Chief Marketing Officer @Pipe17

Jon is a master at taking disruptive B2B SaaS applications like Pipe17 to market. He worked for many years in the world of enterprise software, marketing to the global 2000. Drawn to the massive potential in direct to consumer ecommerce where there are still many unsolved problems, he and his team are focused on thoughtful digital engagement with brands and merchants.

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