Why is operations software in
ecommerce such a frustrating mess?

Why is connecting a 3PL to an ERP or a marketplace a complete nightmare?


Why can’t smart, agile, digital-first e-commerce businesses enjoy the same level of user-friendly software on the backend as sales and marketing gets on the front end?

These are some of the questions that led Mo Afshar and Dave Shaffer to build Pipe17.

It was time to make connecting different e-commerce systems—like your shipping platform and your 3PL —feel as simple as connecting Shopify to your email automation software. And that’s exactly what Pipe17 does.

Pipe17 connects your systems so that your ecommerce, marketplace, ERPs, 3PLs, Returns and Carrier all talk to each other. But, it doesn’t just do that.

We also designed and built a single dashboard so that all your data about orders, inventory, products and fulfillment can be viewed and managed in one place. This way, instead of logging into every single system and trying to wrangle the correct data out of there, you can use Pipe17 to see exactly what’s going on.

In short? Pipe17 gives you a single source of truth for your operations backend. And it does it reliably, whether you’re processing 10 orders a week with a single 3PL or 10,000 orders an hour through five different warehouses and six marketplaces.

Pipe17 has been an invaluable addition to my ecommerce business. We get a single cohesive view of activity from all our sales channels so we don’t have to log in separately to each channel and download reports. We see order exceptions, get a daily revenue snapshot and can take action before our customers are aware of any delay or impact.
Kevin Sullivan

CEO, Forever Green Indoors

This clarity lets you focus on the things that actually grow your business, instead of managing complex custom solutions that may help your 3PL talk to your ERP… Or may just break both.

Meet Our Leaders


Mo Afshar  

Co-founder and CEO

Ecommerce operations lacked transformational technology. Something that would pull them out of the dark ages of spreadsheets and help operations leaders enjoy the same level of software everyone else gets to use. So Mo decided to help build some.

Pipe17 gives ops leaders exactly what they were lacking: it shows them what’s going on in ops so they can make smarter decisions.


Dave Shaffer  

Co-founder and Head of Product

There’s very little in enterprise software, integration and solution architecture that Dave hasn’t done. He once deployed 80 integrations running 1M transactions/day and supporting 8 million customers in just 9 weeks.

At Pipe17, he’s helping bring a modern and simple integration experience between the world of ecommerce and logistics, fulfillment and transportation.


Gilad Odinak  

Chief Technology Officer


Gilad is the only person on the Pipe17 team with over 140 issued and pending patents to his name. This cemented his position as CTO.

Of course, there’s also the fact he founded Spoken, served as its CTO, and oversaw its acquisition by Avaya. And the 12 years as a Sr Architect at Microsoft, developing systems. And that he’s an expert in massive scale cloud communications. These are (some) of the reasons Gilad is the one making sure everything about Pipe17 doesn’t just work but excels.


Jon Gettinger  

Chief Marketing Officer


Jon loves technology that gives you a strong competitive advantage. And that’s exactly what Pipe17 does. And now, his job is to spread the word, getting investors and ecommerce businesses to see the potential.

Before joining Mo and Dave, Jon led marketing teams in Demand Generation, Product Marketing, Field Marketing, Analyst/Public Relation, Sales Development and Inside Sales.


John Shao  

VP Engineering


Great VPs of engineering need a few key skills. Brilliant communication. Hands-on leadership. Immense technical proficiency. And keen understanding of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics, data mining and cloud initiatives. John has all of them. And he honed them working at VMware, Oracle, Ayasdi, Spoken and Avaya.

Now, he’s helping shape and lead Pipe17’s engineers into a brand new challenge.

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