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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pipe17 an inventory management system?

Pipe17 connects and integrates all of your inventory systems—warehouse, sales channels, etc.—and gives you a consolidated real-time view of your inventory while keeping the source systems in sync. Pipe17 also checks order inventory against warehouse counts and alerts you to any discrepancies. Inventory views are included in the platform, along with other tools for order management, integration, API connectivity and KPI analytics.

Will Pipe17 let me see orders coming in from multiple channels?

Yes, Pipe17 collects order information from all of your sales channels—eCommerce, wholesale, point of sale, etc.—in real time and gives you a consolidated view of all your orders, as well as alerting you to orders that may need your attention. Views can be filtered by status or channel or you can search for a specific order.

Is Pipe17 a selling platform for wholesale?

Pipe17 can connect to any wholesale platform and seamlessly integrate it into the rest of your commerce operation, including your fulfillment warehouse for direct order flow. This lets you choose the “best in class” services that suit your needs. 

Is Pipe17 an ERP like NetSuite? Or a mini-ERP?

Pipe17 is your resource to seamlessly connect and synchronize data between your ERP and your entire commerce operation, ensuring your financial reports are never missing critical information. With more than 400 connectors available, Pipe17 supports popular ERPs like NetSuite, mini-ERPs and accounting applications like QuickBooks or Xero letting you continue to use what works best for you now and easily upgrade in the future.

How does Pipe17 help me connect and work with my 3PL?

Pipe17 fills the gaps in integration between your sales channels and your 3PL, seamlessly moving order, inventory and product information between your systems and keeping all your systems in sync. Pipe17’s unique dashboard also offers a merchant-facing portal for order and inventory management, and monitors orders for exceptions like late shipments, missing tracking info, inventory stock outs and other mission critical issues with your 3PL. 

How does Pipe17 help me be more proactive?

Pipe17’s intelligent alerts let you know when there is an order that needs attention. Whether an order is stuck at the 3PL level, tracking data isn’t active, inventory stock outs have created a bottleneck or something is happening in your sales channel that is preventing a clean order flow, Pipe17 has your back, helping you fix and solve issues long before your customer is impacted.

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