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Ship Your Shopify Orders via Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment
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Starting at just $50 a year, your Amazon inventory can be the solution for fulfilling your Shopify eCommerce or Point-of-Sale orders with Pipe17's Connect:MCF app.

Special limited offer:  For only $50 per year, you can get Pipe17’s Connect:MCF app for up to 12,000 orders per year after a 30-day free trial – use coupon code: SHOPMCF at checkout.

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$50 / year
Up to 12K orders
$1500 / year
Up to 120K orders
Over 120K orders

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“I would anticipate that if we hadn’t used Pipe17, my 2021 forecast would be off by 30%.”

- Connecting their 3PL with Amazon FBM

“Pipe17 was the one piece I didn’t even have to think about.”

- Connecting NetSuite with their 3PL

Ship Everything via Amazon MCF

The power of Amazon fulfillment for every Shopify order. Now with Pipe17 Connect: MCF, you can easily use your Amazon inventory to fulfill orders placed at your website, Amazon or at your physical store.

Pipe17’s Connect:MCF app installs quickly and painlessly. Once you are connected, you get fast, reliable, secure service that works flawlessly at any order volume. Connect:MCF supports Amazon’s latest API that lets you request brown box fulfillment and more for your orders.  Easily connect to marketplaces like Walmart, Etsy or eBay if you sell there as well.  You can even connect your ERP or order and inventory management application for frictionless end-to-end connectivity.

With Connect:MCF from Pipe17 you can meet your customers where they shop and know the picking, packing, and shipping will be handled by the largest most reliable fulfillment network in the world, with pricing that is easy to understand and can’t be beat.

With Pipe17 Connect:MCF app you can:

  • Route orders manually and automatically
  • Receive continuous order fulfillment updates in Shopify
  • See tracking numbers and shipping costs in Shopify
  • Use Amazon’s latest API to automatically request blank box fulfillment, block Amazon logistics and more, for your orders.
  • Receive email notifications when there are fulfillment problems with any order
  • Receive inventory availability updates as orders ship and when Amazon receives your inbounds
  • Use the optional Pipe17 portal to view additional details about your orders and inventory
  • Easily extend your Connect:MCF solution to connect Shopify and Amazon MCF to additional marketplaces, your ERP and more

Key Benefits

Fast, trusted fulfillment

Leverage a trusted brand to ensure your customers receive quick, accurate deliveries

Simple Low Pricing

Low and simple to understand pick, pack, and ship pricing for all orders

Managed Growth

Grow your business across any selling channel and know your operations are under control

How it works with Shopify

Getting started Step-by-Step:

  1. Install the app and look for an email called “Welcome to Pipe17 Connect:MCF”. In there you’ll find the discount code and detailed instructions for installing the app
  2. Login to Shopify and grant the Pipe17 Connect:MCF app access to your Shopify store
  3. Login to your Amazon Seller Central account and grant permissions
  4. Open Shopify Location Settings and verify there is a new app location for each Amazon marketplace
  5. Switch your Shopify products to have their inventory managed by Amazon and ensure the SKUs match the SKUs in FBA inventory
  6. Look for an email called “Set Your Password” from Pipe17 and login after picking a secure password.
  7. Setup your billing information on the billing page in the Organizations menu
  8. Create a test order in Shopify
  9. Wait a few minutes for the order to appear in Pipe17 and Amazon MCF.

You are now ready to go!

Feature Notes

  • For USA users only.  Other regions coming soon.
  • Pipe17 Connect:MCF will automatically check inventory for each order and if inventory is available, will direct orders to Amazon MCF for fulfillment, just like taking an order through Amazon FBA works.
  • If any line item is fulfilled at your POS, or does not require shipping, Pipe17 Connect:MCF will exclude those items from the order it sends to Amazon. And when Amazon receives or adjusts inventory Pipe17 Connect:MCF will automatically adjust your inventory in Shopify.
  • Pipe17 Connect:MCF will also send an alert email if any order cannot be fulfilled by Amazon so that you can change the fulfillment for that order.
  • For questions, issues or comments, please email us at or book time with our product manager, Chris Pagel via

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