Enable pain-free fulfillment of kits, bundles, and channel-specific SKUs.
Stay Aligned with Product Changes

Enable pain-free fulfillment of kits, bundles, and channel-specific SKUs.

Harmonize Your Multi-Channel Product Catalog

Easily keep your dynamic product catalog aligned across multiple channels, regardless of where your catalog lives—without using a single spreadsheet. Pipe17 automatically translates product definitions across connected applications so everything updates in unison without manual intervention. Our solution incorporates all critical product information, including SKU, descriptions, ASIN, images, UPC/barcodes, country of origin, and Harmonized System (HS) codes.

Prior to Pipe17, bundled product fulfillment was a big pain for our team because we lacked a streamlined way to send fulfillment requests to our warehouse. Pipe17 made setting up, and automating, bundled product fulfillment a breeze.

-  Ethan Steip
Operations and Ecommerce Manager

Transform Bundling Efficiency

You’d love to be able to sell products as bundles and kits, but your current solution stack makes it a costly hassle to fulfill efficiently at volume. Many channels don’t support bundles and kits, and available app store plug-ins don’t communicate with fulfillment systems. Pipe17 lets you automate your kit and bundle definitions across all channels so you can maximize selling while reducing fulfillment costs.

Learn how to make kits and bundles more profitable

Simplify Bundle to Component Fulfillment Mapping

Boost revenue opportunities with the ability to easily define—and fulfill— product kits (different items sold together) and bundles (the same items sold in multiples) across all your fulfillment channels.

Execute Sales to Fulfillment (SKU) Mapping

Automate the mapping of sales channel SKUs to different fulfillment SKUs regardless of channel. Pipe17 translates SKU, ASIN and other product identifiers between selling and fulfillment channels and enables you to easily reconcile inventory for complex bundles.

Learn how Pipe17 simplifies kits and bundles

Easily Control Channel Accessibility

Want to sell specific products only wholesale? Want your fulfillment partner to ship only a portion of your catalog? With Pipe17 you can designate products to be sold only on specific channels, and fulfilled only by specific providers or locations.

Go Beyond Product Alignment

Multi-channel product orchestration is just the beginning. Our capabilities enhance all aspects of your ecommerce business.

Connect Your Channels

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See Your Operations in Real Time

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Process Orders Seamlessly

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Synchronize Inventory Levels

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Ready to align your multi-channel product catalog?

Pipe17 has everything you need.

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