Smart Order Operations for the Rest of Us

Bringing the power of modern enterprise software to the ecommerce marketplace.

Pipe17 Was Created for a Simple Reason

We want the entire ecommerce ecosystem to benefit from the same technological advantages enjoyed by the biggest enterprises.

Why the Name Pipe17?


Connotes the smooth flow of orders (and associated data) through the connections that link sellers with their marketplaces, fulfillment providers, and back office systems.


Invokes Brodmann Area 17, a neurological mapping of the brain, which is a highly specialized part of the visual cortex that excels at processing moving objects and pattern recognition.

A Brief History of Pipe17

Pipe17’s formation was inspired by early customer demands about what was missing from the market:


We focused on the connectivity problems plaguing the ecommerce ecosystem, making it faster and simpler for merchants and service providers to integrate their transactional data streams.


We built on that successful foundation by automating the common workflows associated with order operations, combined with the scale, agility and reliability of the cloud.


Pipe17 offers whole product solutions in concert with our many partners. Our solutions are always cloud-native and easily scalable, yet feature hallmarks such as plug & play connectivity and enterprise grade security.


Pipe17 sits as the center of the ecommerce ecosystem. We provide a common infrastructure that brands, providers and partners can use to run their businesses at the speed of transactions. We call this vision that we’re building the Order Cloud.


G2 Omnichannel Commerce High Performer

MACH Alliance Certified

The Leading 100 | 2023

Meet Our Leadership Team

Pipe17’s leadership team collectively brings deep expertise—gleaned from both SaaS startup and Fortune 100 company leadership—in cloud software, big data, business process automation, and data integration.

Mo Afshar

Co-Founder I CEO

Dave Shaffer

Co-Founder I Head of Product

John Shao

Co-Founder | Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Powell

Chief Revenue Officer

Anand Kothari

SVP, Product and Engineering

Jon Gettinger

Chief Marketing Officer

Tim Morse

SVP, Partnerships and BD


Careers at Pipe17

Play a major role in shaping the future of ecommerce order operations.