Route Orders to Anywhere, Seamlessly

Improve reliability, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs in order processing at any scale.

Automate Order Routing

Optimize routing flows for any volume or frequency —with no code or IT assistance. Pipe17 ensures flawless order handoffs across all your selling channels, fulfillment centers, and back-office applications like ERPs so you can reduce fulfillment costs, meet on-time delivery goals and exceed customer expectations.

Optimize Costs

Avoid Stockouts

Maintain Control

Modify on the Fly


Quickly automate your entire ecommerce order operations based on your specific business priorities and fulfillment setup with Pipe17.  Our point-and-click order routing engine makes it easy to align and optimize your omnichannel order flows.

The time has come to bid a final farewell to the complex web of one-off code snippets, version-controlled Excel spreadsheets, and opaque procedures that clog your order operations, hinder your ability to grow, and eat into your margins.

Ethan Steip | Operations and Ecommerce Manager, Wufers

Pipe17 is hands down the easiest and most elegant order fulfillment solution. Our fulfillment pipeline is now fully automated, and I no longer have to worry about order routing and managing fulfillment.

Maintain Granular Order Routing Control

Dynamically split, hold, and route every order to the optimal fulfillment destination automatically with convenient and customizable routing filters such as:

Adapt to Any Change That Lies Ahead

With Pipe17, you’re never locked into a specific vendor or unable to change a process that you’ve outgrown. Add, swap, or remove selling channels and fulfillment providers without disrupting your order flows.

Modify your delivery options on the fly with quick and easy omnichannel mapping for shipping method, ship-by and delivery date, predetermined label, packlist, and more. Quickly modify a location by entire order or line item and even accommodate fill or kill routing and auto-cancel.


Customize Order Holds

With Pipe17’s order holds, you can implement selling channel-specific buyer cancellation windows, decrease misshipments, and help prevent fraudulent transactions without doing any extra work.

Automatically release orders to fulfillment once your designated order hold time has elapsed, or set rules to require manual release based on any of our customizable order routing criteria.

Receive orders 24/7, but only fulfill on business days? Set-up next business day order holds in Pipe17 with just 1-click.

Simplify Order Splitting

Pipe17 gives you the agility to split orders when needed, and automatically re-route when inventory becomes availableControl when to split an order across multiple fulfillment locations with 1-click fill or kill logic.

Compliment dynamic bundles and kits with order splitting to eliminate errors in bundled product fulfillment.

Optimize Costs

Avoid Stockouts

Maintain Control

Modify on the Fly

Optimize Costs and Avoid Stockouts

With Pipe17, you can dynamically route to any destination. Automatically route orders based on business priorities. Example options include fulfilling by specific SKUs, from dropship, and from location closest to customers.

Maintain Granular Routing Control of Routing

Convenient filters allow you to split, hold, and route any order by SKU, tag, total number of line items, channel/source, location properties, total cost, and exceptions.

Modify Shipping Parameters on the Fly

Automatically map changes to shipping method, ship-by and delivery date, predetermined label, packlist, and more. Quickly modify a location by entire order or line item. Even accommodate fill or kill routing and auto-cancel.

Automate Order Holds

With Pipe17, you can designate holds for specific orders from specific channels and manually or automatically release them to fulfillment when inventory is replenished.

Combine Order Routing and Bundling

Unlock new sales opportunities when you combine Pipe17 order routing and bundling capabilities.

Go Beyond Order Processing

Multi-channel order processing is just the beginning. Enhance all aspects of your ecommerce business with Pipe17.

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