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Cin7 Joins Pipe17 Connectivity Partner Program

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Cin7, a pioneer in cloud-based inventory management software (IMS), is the latest addition to the Pipe17 Connectivity Partner program. Pipe17 Connectivity Partners are Software-as-a-Service providers that share our vision to democratize connectivity for eCommerce businesses.

As ecommerce businesses grow, so do the number of applications that need to exchange data in order for the business to operate smoothly. Cin7 and Pipe17 are committed to building an ecommerce ecosystem where easy and reliable connectivity is the standard, instead of a constant frustration, for sellers and brands.

Pipe17 has worked in partnership with Cin7 to develop intelligent connectors for the entire Cin7 product line, which includes DEAR and Cin7 Orderhive, to enable their customers to quickly connect with Pipe17’s catalog of more than 70 (and growing daily) ecommerce applications.

Starting today, all Pipe17 customers can connect to the entire Cin7 product line, and all Cin7 customers have the ability to connect to Pipe17.

This partnership enables both companies to offer a compelling multi-channel solution for ecommerce businesses and retailers. With Cin7 and Pipe17, business owners can more easily unclog their operational bottlenecks, confidently meet their fulfillment goals, exceed customer expectations, and scale their growth and profitability.

“We are thrilled to have Cin7 as a partner, they have built a reputation for best-in-class back office solutions for merchants. With Pipe17 they can now give their customers fast, reliable connectivity to an expanding range of ecommerce shopping carts, marketplace, 3PLs and more.” adds Mo Afshar, Founder and CEO of Pipe17.

“At Cin7, we have the privilege to support businesses as they deliver their products to consumers. We’re excited to have Pipe17 as a premier connectivity partner to help our clients reach as many new customers as possible. Businesses can now leverage both the inventory management and operational depth of our Cin7 product suite, with the flexibility and agility of Pipe17’s connectivity hub. We’re in a race to keep up with our customer’s growth and are excited to be able to support their scale with Pipe17.” shares Michelle Calkins, Global VP of Partnerships at Cin7.


Additional information about this partnership can be found in this press release.

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