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Pipe17: Smart connectivity for eCommerce

As the eCommerce industry evolves, so do ways to generate new sales. It’s not only more marketplaces and sales channels; innovations in headless commerce promise to give merchants the ability to create unique omnichannel shopping experiences. 

An increasing number of eCommerce tools

At the same time, a revolution has happened in fulfillment, where every step of its life cycle is now available to any merchant as a service from a web browser and API. Modern 3PL and 4PL fulfillment services have become attractive alternatives to handling operations in-house, so much so that even large retailers and wholesalers are using these services to get to market more quickly and profitably.

The by-product of all this innovation is a dramatic increase in the number of software applications a merchant must contend with: shopping carts, 3PLs, returns, point of sale, wholesale, retail, EDI, financials, and ERPs. Processes that were once supported within a single application now extend across many applications – to be further extended and adjusted as the business grows and adds even more applications. Although more applications may mean more growth — like in the case of adding a new marketplace to your mix — it also means more friction in your operation and more chances for costly mistakes and unhappy customers.

Leverage a hub for all of your software and data

Pipe17 delivers innovative eCommerce infrastructure that eliminates this friction by ensuring every addition to your tech stack fits perfectly. It intelligently bridges the gaps between dozens of eCommerce platforms, allowing critical operational data (orders, inventory, products and fulfillments) to flow freely back and forth so that processes execute without the need for human involvement. 

Once your applications are connected, Pipe17 provides a number of configurable workflows for managing order and inventory flows across all your applications. Users can aggregate and route orders between multiple fulfillment centers and retail stores; Set and manage inventory levels across channels; automate bundling and kitting between their stores and fulfillment centers and more. Pipe17 also gives you visibility via a live traffic view of your extended operation and alerts you if something goes wrong. 

Pipe17 calls this combination of integration, workflows, and visibility — namely, smart connectivity and it goes well beyond what has been available to merchants and brands up until this point. 

Use smart connectivity to prepare your business for the future of eCommerce

In a domain that has been characterized by “specialist” consultants, over simplified tools and highly technical software platforms, Pipe17 is the first “merchant-friendly” application. It is designed to give merchants what they need most: fast, reliable integrations across a wide range of ecommerce applications that can be set up quickly with built-in features that actually help them grow their business and reduce friction in their operation.

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