“I would anticipate that if we hadn’t used Pipe17, my 2021 forecast would be off by 30%.”

How Bricks N Clix launched on Amazon at the exact right moment thanks to Pipe17

When Vince Brick from Bricks N Clix approached Pipe17 for help, speed was of the essence. Vince was bringing a European supplier, with an established line of baby gear, to the North American market.


Amazon Fulfill by Merchant (FBM) 3PL Warehouse Management System

Key Workflows

E-commerce Order flow to 3PL for fulfillment

“I was in a crisis. I had a large amount of inventory that I was paying warehouse fees for. I was set up on Amazon…and no way for the two to talk to each other. How was I going to meet expectations? How was I going to start generating revenue?”

Bringing calm to a crisis situation

Everything had to happen quickly and smoothly.

“Immediately upon my conversation with Pipe17 – I could tell that they had the experience and expertise to alleviate my concerns. There was a general understanding of my need for urgency. They had good relationships with our 3PL so they were able to fast track my integration. It seemed like this was something they’ve done a million times.”

Luckily, with Pipe17 implementation time was not a problem. Otherwise, Vince would have missed December sales.

“There was a seamless transition from the moment Pipe17 got involved. Because I had the confidence from the initial call. I knew they were on top of it. They were able to manage my expectations.”

When connecting two different systems, Pipe17 always performs extensive testing so that – once a customer goes live – we’re confident that everything will run exactly as it’s supposed to:

“Pipe17 didn’t just deliver to a date. They delivered to make sure that what they were delivering actually did what it was supposed to do.”



In the end, sales beat expectations…

“I would anticipate that if we hadn’t used Pipe17, my 2021 forecast would be off by 30%.”

It was all about timing.

“We were launching right before Christmas, right when everybody is looking to purchase stuff. If we’d missed that, we would have launched in January… and that 4 week delay would have had a big negative impact.”

By connecting his 3PL to Amazon with Pipe17, he was able to run an ecommerce launch quickly and efficiently.

“Fundamentally, I wouldn’t have been able to launch the business on time without Pipe17. It would have taken another 6 weeks to get the technology in place to do that. That would have been a big problem.”

Breaking into a new market is not easy. Yet that’s exactly what Vince is doing. With a little help from Pipe17.

“When I needed my business to go, Pipe17 made it go.”

And we can do the same for you.

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