“Thanks to Pipe17, we’re able to ship from Deliverr in a fast and integrated fashion.”

How Chloe and Cotton cut their shipping costs in half with Pipe17

Any ecommerce business hoping to enchant customers and grow, has to find ways to reduce shipping costs and increase shipping speed. It’s an essential part of operations. And it was a key challenge for Chloe and Cotton.


ShipStation to Deliverr, Etsy, Jane

Key Workflows

Multichannel order aggregation

This online store was the dream of founders Amy and Matt Field. The idea itself was born out of their own need. Amy was a talented decorator, looking for smart, practical pieces for her own home. So she began designing the products she needed, starting with woven baskets and hampers. The designs blended neutral colors, quality construction and practicality with a modern, sharp and minimalist sense of beauty and style.

After creating their first line of products, Amy and Matt started selling on their own website, before expanding to Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and Jane. But as the product line grew, fulfillment costs grew too. Chloe and Cotton used a single warehouse based in California to fulfill all US orders that did not go through Amazon’s FBA service. This made shipping slow and expensive: the average shipment was around $13.

The challenge: high shipping costs that could curb growth

As a small, family-run luxury brand shipping around 2000 orders a month and growing between 10-20% year over year, $13 shipping per order was not sustainable. Amy and Matt had to find a better solution. They had to find a partner that could save them money and help get products into the hands of customers faster. After thorough research, they chose Deliverr.

“We decided to use Deliverr mostly because of the fulfillment prices. They’re really competitive, fast, and do a good job with their customer service and taking care of what we need.”

Switching to Deliverr from their current warehouse could cut shipping costs in half. And it was going to make delivery outside of California faster too.

But there was a challenge. To use Deliverr, Chloe and Cotton had to connect it to ShipStation. They were using ShipStation to aggregate orders from different stores and marketplaces including Etsy and Jane. Deliverr, on the other hand, did not have a direct integration for ShipStation or plugins for Etsy and Jane that would let them connect directly.

To make use of ShipStation’s features with Deliverr’s warehouse system, Chloe and Cotton needed to get them to talk to each other.

The connection had to be smooth, reliable and robust. Anything less would negatively impact operations and customer experience. That’s where Pipe17 came in. Pipe17 provides fast, reliable connectivity for ecommerce businesses that syncs orders, inventory and products between 3PLs like Deliverr, fulfillment services like ShipStation, financial applications, ERPs and many other services. It also provides advanced capabilities like order routing, fulfillment alerts, and end-to-end visibility.



The solution: Choosing the right delivery partner and Pipe17

Amy and Matt used Pipe17 to connect ShipStation and Deliverr so that Chloe and Cotton could decrease the cost of shipping and improve their operations. Pipe17 helped decrease stress levels too:

“There’s less to worry about now. The orders just happen. You can just relax and let it flow. There’s not the worry of doing it manually, making mistakes, double shipping, or shipping an order late. Pipe17 keeps ShipStation and Deliverr in synch so we can let go of the operations side and focus on what matters.”

Pipe17 helps you use the ecommerce tools you want, by getting them to talk to each other. Need help with an ecommerce integration? Get in touch with our team here.

Need some excellent home decor? Check out Chloe and Cotton here.

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