“We’re growing every day. And we needed data we could trust to keep expanding.”

How Death Wish Coffee streamlined their data with a little help from Pipe17

Death Wish Coffee started with a simple request back in 2012: “Give me your strongest cup of coffee.”


NetSuite to 3PL

Key Workflows

E-commerce Order flow to 3PL for fulfillment

This led to a unique mix of Robusta and Arabica beans that packs around twice as much caffeine as your standard cup. Which led to a die-hard community of strong coffee drinkers. Which led to a Super Bowl ad. And expanding to platforms like Amazon, Ebay and Walmart. And to being in major grocery stores like Kroger, Target, Publix and Sprouts. And to a growing team.

In 2020 alone, Death Wish Coffee’s team doubled in size. This incredible growth meant one thing: a critical need for clear, trustworthy data across the entire operations ecosystem.

“We were doing so many things manually, relying on internal archival knowledge where nothing was laid out explicitly. We just sort of did it. And we had a lot of stuff patchworked from different platforms. We really needed to find a housing unit because our inventory wasn’t lining up.”

Finding data a home

We had so many integrations. Even our NetSuite consultants thought it was a lot! We worked with a local developer who actually discovered Pipe17 and said “Oh. These guys are going to be great for our 3PL integration.”
The entire process took a year. (2020 wasn’t about to make things easy on the team!)
“Pipe17 was the one piece I didn’t even have to think about because the team had the experience and knowledge that just put my mind at ease. They knew how they were going to integrate. They knew where their sticking points were going to be. And – most importantly – they kept my team up to date.”

Integration is one of the most important – and one of the most technically frustrating – parts of any operational stack. If your tech stack pieces can’t talk to each other, then you can’t trust the numbers you’re seeing. And if you can’t trust the numbers, then things start going wrong very fast.

Pipe17 helps those pieces talk so that their orders and fulfillments flowed, 
frictionlessly between systems.



The real reason reliable data matters

When the numbers go wrong, you don’t just lose money and inventory. You lose customer trust. If people can’t trust that their orders will go through, the relationship gets damaged. And people are at the heart of everything Death Wish Coffee does.

“Our community is the reason we are what we are. They are what pushes us forward. Whatever you’re into, whatever you’re passionate about, we’re going to be there for you. We want to fuel your passion. And that also means we need to be there, delivering what you need when you need it. Seamlessly.”

That’s why Death Wish Coffee chose NetSuite. And Pipe17.

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