“Prior to Pipe17, we were wasting 20+ hours a week manually uploading orders and fulfillments between Brandboom and NetSuite.”

Luca + Danni save 20+ hours a week by connecting Brandboom and NetSuite with Pipe17.

Any eCommerce business processing orders at scale has to automate data entry to match – or invest hundreds of hours in manual processes. As Luca + Danni expanded sales channels and grew their order volume, manual data entry was holding them back, so they used Pipe17 to automate order imports from Brandboom to NetSuite.


Brandboom and NetSuite

Key Workflows

Automated purchase order creation, B2B and ERP synchronization

About Luca + Danni

Luca + Danni is the culmination of a dream to enable self-expression, a unique approach to traditional jewelry, and more than 60 years of craftsmanship honed across 3 generations.

Fred Magnanimi and his brother Danny spent their childhood summers in much the same way that their father had, watching and learning how to create beautiful, handcrafted jewelry in their family’s Rhode Island factory. Fred grew up and became a successful investment banker. But when cancer took his brother Danny, Fred knew that he was destined to honor Danny’s memory and passions. Fred quit his job, relocated his family, and founded Luca + Danni in the same Rhode Island factory that he spent countless childhood summer days in with his brother.

Luca + Danni combines deep connection to causes and the decades of Magnanimi family jewelry-making experience to create innovative lines of inspirational bracelets, charms, and rings. Their stacking bracelets, a best seller, prominently showcase charms so wearers can exquisitely express their inspirations, beliefs and passions on their wrists.

Luca + Danni started off by selling jewelry direct-to-consumers on their own website and on Amazon. As the business matured, the team set in motion a plan to enter the B2B market. In 2019, with $6.2 million in funding secured, the team started selling wholesale on Brandboom.

The cost of poor commerce connectivity

With rapidly expanding DTC and B2B channels, Lucca + Danni decided to invest in an ERP. The team purchased NetSuite and with a little technical help they were able to connect their own website and Amazon Seller Central account so their DTC orders flowed into NetSuite smoothly. However, the operational differences between their DTC and B2B businesses left Lucca + Danni unable to connect Brandboom to NetSuite.

The team was having to manually enter, manage, and coordinate every transfer and purchase order between Brandboom and NetSuite. This manual data entry, while never ideal, was manageable when the B2B business was just getting off the ground, but sales quickly started to take off.

Within a few months, Luca + Danni were averaging 80 purchase orders a month through Brandboom. These B2B orders were the company’s most profitable channel, but the team was spending 20+ hours a week manually creating transfer and purchase orders to fulfill B2B orders and dragging down their net margins.

“Typically our Data Entry Specialist spent 2-4 hours a day manually entering POs. With Pipe17, we can now spend those valuable hours on other projects.”

With tight deadlines on every order, manual data entry was creating far too many errors in the order-to-fulfillment lifecycle and consumed copious amounts of time that could be better spent on other work to grow the business. Toni-Ann Rossi, Luca + Danni’s B2B Sales Operations Manager, knew that if the B2B business was going to reach its full potential, they needed to fix their manual operations bottleneck.

Luca + Danni needed a solution to connect Brandboom orders to its NetSuite ERP and streamline the purchase and transfer order process. The Brandboom and Netsuite connection needed to be reliable and seamless so the two applications would work as one. This solution also had to be affordable so the margin improvement they realized by eliminating manual data entry wasn’t swallowed up by technology and consulting costs. Brandboom, who was already a Pipe17 Connectivity Partner, recommended that Luca + Danni check out Pipe17 as a solution for their NetSuite connectivity problem.

Automating Brandboom purchase orders to Netsuite with Pipe17

Toni-Ann Rossi headed Brandboom’s suggestion and got in touch with the Pipe17 team. Within a few days, not weeks or months, Luca + Danni had created a Pipe17 account and successfully connected their Brandboom and NetSuite applications. Having previously hired consultants to integrate their DTC channels with NetSuite, Toni-Ann was pleasantly surprised at how fast and easy Pipe17’s no-code-approach to commerce connectivity was. The team did no development work and needed no IT assistance to connect Brandboom with NetSuite via Pipe17.

Now, with Pipe17 connecting Brandboom and NetSuite, when Luca + Danni receive a Brandboom order Pipe17 automatically creates a purchase order, sends that purchase order to NetSuite, and updates Brandboom fulfillment in real-time as NetSuite progresses the order through the fulfillment lifecycle.

“We’ve been most impressed with Pipe17’s ease-of-use, affordability, and ability to solve more operational challenges than just point-to-point connectivity.”

With their B2B order-to-fulfillment process entirely automated, and their systems communicating with each other in lockstep, errors have dramatically decreased and the 20+ hours a week the team was spending on manual data has been repurposed to projects that help the business grow.

Pipe17’s fast and reliable connectivity hub was the perfect solution for Luca + Danni, and it can be for your commerce business as well. Hundreds of commerce merchants use Pipe17 to connect marketplaces, shopping carts, point of sales systems, 3PLs, warehouse management solutions, returns, ERPs, and financial applications in order to streamline their post check out operations.

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