The State of the 3PL Industry [Webinar]

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Learn what current and future trends are shaping the 3PL market, what brands are looking for in 3PLs, ways to sustainably grow your ecommerce fulfillment business, and many more tips and tricks from a distinguished panel of ecommerce and fulfillment experts.

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Supply Chain Optimization Strategies for Efficiency and Cost Savings

  • Visibility is crucial for making informed decisions and optimizing supply chain operations. (Brian Gallagher)
  • Automation complements human expertise but doesn’t replace it. It enables efficiency and streamlines processes. (Brian Gallagher)
  • Real-time data analytics and insights drive supply chain optimization and informed decision-making. (Brian Gallagher)

Collaboration and Communication in Supply Chain Management

  • Collaboration and transparency among stakeholders are essential for building trust and effective supply chain operations. (Aaron Rubin)
  • Effective communication and coordination foster successful partnerships and enable seamless end-to-end processes. (Joe Spisak)
  • Leveraging the expertise of 3PL partners can provide a strategic advantage in optimizing supply chain networks. (Brian Gallagher)

Embracing Technology and Automation in the Supply Chain

  • Supply chain leaders and organizations need to be adaptable and agile to respond quickly to market dynamics and customer demands. (Joe Spisak)
  • The supply chain is experiencing rapid changes, necessitating a proactive approach to adaptability and embracing new technologies. (Aaron Rubin)
  • Technology solutions should be tailored to specific business needs, emphasizing the importance of finding the right partners. (Aaron Rubin)
  • Embracing change and avoiding complacency are vital in the rapidly evolving supply chain landscape. (Aaron Rubin)
  • The ability to adjust strategies and processes based on data-driven insights is critical for staying competitive. (Brian Gallagher)


Aaron Rubin

CEO and Founder | ShipHero

Brian Gallagher

CPO and CTO | Ware2Go (A UPS Company)

Joe Spisak

CEO and Founder | Fulfill and 3PL Finder

Mo Afshar

CEO and Co-Founder | Pipe17

Special Offers from Panelists and Partners – a marketplace that connects eCommerce brands with the right warehousing and fulfillment partners so that they can grow together. If you’re looking for a new 3PL, use their matchmaking service to sift through the thousands of options and get what is right for you.

ShipHero – serves as a leading 3PL and SaaS WMS provider, shipping products for thousands of eCommerce clients daily. If you’re a 3PL looking for a stronger WMS, check out ShipHero

Ware2Go – Simplify your operations and supply chain. Ware2Go’s technology platform connects merchants’ sales channels to 35+ nationwide warehouses—providing end-to-end fulfillment and fast, reliable, and carbon-neutral delivery via UPS. Leverage their national warehouse network and powerful tools, insights, and logistics expertise. 

Storeleads – Looking to understand changes in merchant demographics? Or want to empower your sales team with powerful data to help them find the right merchants? Check out Storeleads, the world’s largest Ecommerce database.

ProfitTrust – Small parcel audit technology that helps merchants and 3PL’s automatically recoup refunds from FedEx, UPS and DHL and get additional discounts. They work completely on a commission basis which means there is no risk to recouping refunds.

Capabl – Capabl is for fulfillment centers who are proud of their performance. Truly separate yourself from the competition by certifying your on time fulfillment and order accuracy performance with a neutral 3rd party. And for brands, if you want to hold your 3PL accountable and track SLA performance with automated daily emails, you can download their free shopify app.

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