Simple, Transparent Pricing.

We won’t force you to buy stuff you don’t need.
We use a build-on approach so you can go with simple point-to-point connectivity. And whenever you’re ready, we make it easy to slide into multi-channel sales and fulfillment, and even plug into your ERP.



Billed annually or
$24 billed monthly*

includes 100 orders/mo
25¢ per order after



Billed annually or
$120 billed monthly*

includes 1,000 orders/mo
12¢ per order after

Most Popular



Billed annually or
$240 billed monthly*

includes 2,000 orders/mo
10¢ per order after



Billed annually or
$600 billed monthly*

includes 5,000 orders/mo
10¢ per order after


Over 5,000 orders a month?

Let’s talk



Feature List


Selling channels

Order sources including shopping carts, marketplaces, and point of sale systems


Included orders per month

1001,0002,0005,000Over 5,000

Fulfillment channels


SKU maps

Tick MarkTick MarkTick MarkTick MarkTick Mark

Order routing

Tick MarkTick MarkTick MarkTick Mark

Omni-channel bundling

Tick MarkTick MarkTick MarkTick Mark

API Access

Tick MarkTick MarkTick MarkTick Mark

Order and inventory management systems

Incuding Skulocity, SOS Inventory, Finale, Cin7, Brightpearl, Katana

Tick MarkTick MarkTick Mark


Including Quickbooks Online, Xero

Tick MarkTick MarkTick Mark


Including NetSuite, Dear, Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics

Tick MarkTick Mark


Including Brandboom, NuOrder

Tick MarkTick Mark

Standard support

Includes Help Center and 48 hour support ticket SLA for the life of subscription

Best effortTick MarkTick MarkTick MarkTick Mark

Configuration support

Includes 1 Connector configuration with Pipe17 CSM for 30 days

+ $200/mo
+ $2,100/yr
+ $200/mo
+ $2,100/yr
+ $200/mo
+ $2,100/yr
Tick Mark

Enterprise support

Includes 3 Connector configurations annually with named CSM and ability to provide input on Pipe17 roadmap for the life of subscription

+ $575/mo
+ $6,000/yr
+ $575/mo
+ $6,000/yr
+ $575/mo
+ $6,000/yr
Tick Mark

* annual contract required. sales tax not included


Does Pipe17 need to be my system of record?
Does Pipe17 support bundles and kits?
Can I connect Pipe17 to my custom ERP or order management system?
How do I manage multiple Shopify or 3PL accounts with Pipe17?
Can Pipe17 manage a large number of SKUs, say 10,000 or more?
How does Pipe17 handle orders and tracking IDs between two different systems?
How does Pipe17 work with multiple 3PLs or warehouses?
Does Pipe17 offer EDI connectivity?
How does Pipe17 compare to an iPaaS like Celigo or Boomi?
Can Pipe17 work with my existing integration platform? I just want to use it to fill in some gaps
What can you tell me about Pipe17’s performance? I have had problems with other solutions dropping orders or taking too long to sync between systems.
How does Pipe17 help me be more proactive?
How does Pipe17 help me connect and work with my 3PL?
Does Pipe17 work with B2B/wholesale selling channels?
Will Pipe17 let me see orders coming in from multiple channels?
How does Pipe17 help me manage my inventory?
How does Pipe17 support ERPs like NetSuite?
I have a system that is not on your list. What does it take to have an integration built?
Can I use Pipe17 for a single connection?
Under what scenarios would a merchant want to use Pipe17?
Is Pipe17 cost effective?
What happens if I hit my order threshold early?
Can I use Pipe17 to replace the integration the vendor installed with the application I bought? It’s expensive and doesn’t work very well.

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