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Connect Peoplevox to hundreds of commerce and back-office channels in minutes and fully automate order-to-anywhere flows

Descartes Peoplevox WMS and Pipe17 enable brands, merchants and 3PLs to replace patchwork integrations, spreadsheet chaos, endless technical troubleshooting, and rigid order-to-fulfillment processes with reliable, quick to setup, and easy to adapt ommichannel order operations solutions. Connect Peoplevox WMS to hundreds of ecommerce stores, marketplaces, additional fulfillment centers, ERPs, accounting systems, data repositories, and other back-office applications in minutes with Pipe17. Route omnichannel orders into Peoplevox, send real-time fulfillment updates back to selling channels, and bi-directionally synchronize inventory, returns, purchase orders, transfer orders, arrivals, and receipts with your ERP—with no code, IT, or system integrators required.

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Plug-and-Go Commerce Connectors

Integrate Peoplevox WMS with hundreds of selling channels, back-office applications, and other fulfillment centers in minutes, not days or weeks, with no coding required.

Order-to-Anywhere Automation

Control which omnichannel orders flow into Peoplevox for fulfillment with dynamic order routing rules that are easy to configure and modify so processes always match business priorities.

Keep All Systems Working in Lockstep

Sync inventory adjustments, SKU updates and returns between Peoplevox and all your selling channels, fulfillment centers and back-office applications (like ERPs and account systems) in real-time.

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