Pipe17 Referral Program

Know someone who should be using Pipe17 to optimize their ecommerce order operations? Like getting some extra cash and free Pipe17 credits? If you answered yes to both of those questions, the Pipe17 Referral Program is for you.


The Pipe17 Referral Program is open to all Pipe17 customers and partners who are in good standing with the company. This means their account is up to date and in compliance with the Pipe17 terms of service.

If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for the Pipe17 Referral Program, simply reach out to your sales representative or submit an inquiry using our contact form.

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How to Start Referring

It’s really quite easy. Refer a qualified contact to Pipe17 by sending an email introduction to referral@pipe17.com and your referrals work email address. Include some brief context, for both your referral as well as us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

A qualified contact is any merchant or seller, incorporated in the United States of America, that has an active ecommerce store and is selling more than $10M GMV annually.

You can refer multiple qualified contacts by sending separate and distinct email introductions per contact.

Referral Rewards

Helping your network solve their order operations problems has never been so rewarding.

Service credit is based on subscription charges only. Maximum service credit awarded is 50% of the annual cost of referer’s Pipe17 subscription.

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ISVs and Partners

If your referred contact becomes a Pipe17 customer, we will provide you with a $500 referral credit. You can elect to pass the $500 value through to your customer or opt to receive a $500 gift card.


Determination of eligibility of customers, partners, referrals and referral credits is at Pipe17’s sole discretion. Pipe17 reserves the right to determine the amount and method of payment for any referral rewards. Any payments made under this referral program are solely at Pipe17’s discretion and can be modified, suspended, or terminated at any time without prior notice. Pipe17 is not obligated to provide any payment or other compensation for any referrals made under this program.


Reach out to your sales representative or submit an inquiry using our contact form.