How Luca + Danni saved 20+ hours per week with Pipe17’s smart connectivity

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November 22, 2021

“Prior to Pipe17, we spent 20 hours or more a week manually entering orders that cost us hundreds of dollars weekly. Also, we are now more efficient, and our returns and errors have been reduced to less than 1%.” — Toni Ann Rossi, B2B Sales Operations Manager, Luca + Danni

Any eCommerce business processing orders at scale has to automate data entry to match – or invest hundreds of hours in manual processes. Managing that data entry was a key challenge for Luca + Danni.

They used Pipe17 to automate order imports from Brandboom to NetSuite, so we wanted to chat with Toni Ann Rossi about their journey.

About Luca + Danni

Luca + Danni is the product of a long family tradition, with founder Fred Magnanimi’s father and grandfather both specializing in handmade jewelry. Following the death of his brother, Fred returned to the business, committing himself to creating beautiful jewelry in honor of his family and their over 60 years in the jewelry industry. 

That vision came to life with a unique approach to traditional jewelry. Luca + Danni takes inspiration from charms and bracelets, causes, and Magnanimi’s decades of American jewelry-making to create innovative pieces. 

Luca + Danni’s stacking bracelets are shaped to showcase charms prominently on the wrist, allowing wearers to share their inspirations, family, beliefs, and passions. That dream of enabling self-expression finally became a reality: Luca + Danni secured a $6.2 million funding round, with investment by Ross-Simons Inc., in 2019. 

Like many sellers, Luca + Danni retails on Amazon and a personal website. They also reach wholesalers through Brandboom, removing the need for a large internal team. But, as sales volume escalated, it became clear Luca + Danni needed a way to mitigate manual data entry.

The high cost of connectivity in eCommerce

“Typically our Data Entry Specialist spent 2 to 4 hours a day manually entering POs. With Pipe17, we can now spend those valuable hours on other projects.” — Toni Ann Rossi, B2B Sales Operations Manager

Luca + Danni uses NetSuite as an ERP to collate order data from most of their DTC sales channels, however, they started off handling wholesale Brandboom orders manually. As those sales escalated, it became more of a challenge and they realized they wouldn’t be able to scale their wholesale business without connecting the two applications.

With 60-80 high-volume purchase orders per month through Brandboom, wholesale was their most profitable channel. But it required Luca + Danni’s data entry specialists spend an average of two to four hours each day manually entering purchase orders.

Continuing manual data entry wasn’t going to scale. It consumed too much time, diverting needed specialists from other work, and with tight deadlines on every order, it heightened the risk of human error. The team struggled with time management as well as an increasing rate of data entry errors, which only escalated as sales volume rose. 

Luca + Danni needed a solution to link Brandboom orders to its ERP. The connection had to be reliable and seamless so the two applications would work as one. It also had to be cost-effective to meet the budget of a rapidly scaling brand. Brandboom, who had recently become a Pipe17 connectivity partner, recommended Pipe17 as the solution.

Pipe17 provides fast, reliable connectivity for eCommerce businesses who need to connect ecommerce operational applications like Brandboom and NetSuite, and have them work together seamlessly sharing data and processes. Being a connectivity partner meant that Pipe17 smart connectivity was available through the BrandBoom application so implementation was fast and easy. 

Automating PO imports to NetSuite

“We’ve been most impressed with Pipe17’s quick response, affordability, and eagerness to assist with other projects.” — Toni Ann Rossi, B2B Sales Operations Manager

As soon as Luca + Danni contacted Pipe17, we got to work. Luca + Danni quickly received an automated connection between Brandboom and NetSuite with affordable annual subscription costs. Plus, it came with experts in the field. It was by far the simplest, most cost-effective option for them.

Luca + Danni’s Brandboom-NetSuite connection removed superfluous additional steps that the brand previously had to take to make things work. With fewer steps in the process, more connectivity, and greater efficiency, Luca + Danni was able to cut down their time investment and get greater accuracy.

Pipe17’s Brandboom-NetSuite connector reduced manual data entry by over 20 hours a week. As a result, Luca + Danni’s data entry specialists can now focus on other meaningful projects that will help the business grow.

Wrapping up — How Luca + Danni saves 20+ hours a week with Pipe17’s smart connectivity

Luca + Danni isn’t the only brand who can benefit from Pipe17’s smart connectivity solutions. eCommerce merchants across the world can use Pipe17 to seamlessly integrate any inventory, order, and fulfillment tools they want to use.

Pipe17 lets you use the eCommerce tools you need by building the connectors they require to communicate. If you need help with an eCommerce integration, get in touch with our team.

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