“Thanks to Pipe17, we were able to process over 4,500 e-commerce orders within hours at our Black Friday event.”

RIPNDIP achieves full order operations visibility with NetSuite and Pipe17


Shopify, Global-e, Returnly, Brandboom, NetSuite, Lightspeed, Square, with 3PL using Wolin Design Group, Da Vinci for WMS.

It all started in a basement in Orlando, Florida. Ryan O’Connor had an idea for a company and for two years, he did everything to make it happen. But Florida wasn’t quite the right place for irreverent-yet-premium skater gear.

The headquarters grew. Orders piled in. The team expanded, selling to wholesalers, retail and – of course – online through their own ecommerce store. This created an interesting operational challenge because large B2B orders had to be fulfilled at the same time as small direct customer orders.

The challenges – and the upside – didn’t stop there. Product variety rose to 3000 SKUs and demand soared. Thousands of orders were coming in daily. And on really busy days, that became thousands of orders an hour.

This was all fantastic news. But the operations tools in use up until that point weren’t quite ready to handle this growth. It was time: time to add an ERP to the company’s ops tech stack. Enter NetSuite.

“We needed somewhere we could house all of our business. Somewhere where all the different departments would be able to see our full inventory – and the full picture – without having to log into multiple places.”

Matt Pierce, Ecommerce Director @ RIPNDIP

The lack of visibility into the operations data was causing ripple effects throughout the company and slowing things down.

Seeing the full picture – or as close to it as possible – was both manual and time consuming. And sometimes, the full picture got muddled thanks to rapid growth.

“To get the full picture, we had to keep an eye on multiple different things. Like spreadsheets. And we were communicating a lot… But because communication was spread throughout so many different channels, sometimes we missed things here or there. It took too much time to manage all the information.

That’s why our main concern became centralizing all the data, then making the data useful and accurate enough for us to make smarter decisions, faster.”

– Suzan Liang, Accountant and ERP System Administrator, RIPNDIP


Pipe17 and NetSuite, creating a single source of truth

Integrating an ERP into an existing operational process – especially one that organically evolved over 10+ years – isn’t an easy (or simple!) task. You have to get a lot of different types of software to talk to each other.

And there were a lot of different types of software here… RIPNDIP serves a global market, delivering premium goods around the world. And orders came from a combination of direct consumer orders through the website and wholesale orders from retailers.

When your systems talk to each other, magic (and clarity) happens

The Pipe 17 team integrated all of RIPNDIP’s systems with NetSuite so that orders and inventory flowed through freely. This way, the team could see exactly what was happening at all times.

The first big test was the 2020 Black Friday sale.

With 4500+ orders coming in just a few hours, information had to flow from the second the customer placed that order all the way through to the warehouse. And thanks to smooth integration, there were no unexpected hiccups on one of the busiest days of the year.

But Pipe 17 didn’t just help with direct orders. It turned tracking – and fulfilling – huge B2B orders into a quick, simple task instead of a laborious, time-killing nightmare.

“Before Pipe 17, we had to break them down ourselves in Excel or manually enter each SKU. This was incredibly time consuming when you’re dealing with huge orders with hundreds of SKUs. Working with Pipe 17 dramatically changed the way we take in B2B orders. It’s made my job a lot easier. I can just go into NetSuite, click a button and release the order through the Pipe 17 system. It’s incredible.”

– Anthony Garcia, Sales Manager

Processing B2B orders can grind ecommerce operations to a halt. But with Pipe 17, you get the tools you need to process these orders quickly so that your team can focus on what matters. Just like RIPNDIP.

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