Pipe17 delivers new connectivity solutions for Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Chief Marketing Officer @Pipe17
October 29, 2021

With support for Amazon’s latest API, Pipe17 lets merchants and brands take full advantage of Amazon’s world class fulfillment capabilities to better serve their customers while saving money.

SEATTLE, WA October, 2021 – Pipe17, providing Smart Connectivity for eCommerce businesses, today announced support for Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF), opening the door for merchants to easily and conveniently use their Amazon inventory wherever they sell, online or in store.

Pipe17, in collaboration with the Amazon MCF team, is introducing an easier, more complete way for merchants to connect their business with the world’s largest fulfillment network and take advantage of low-cost fulfillment for any of their sales channels, and Amazon’s fast shipping options for their customers.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Amazon’s MCF team to offer eCommerce merchants and SaaS providers smart connectivity to MCF.” said Mo Afshar, Founder and CEO of Pipe17, “Now all these businesses can fully leverage Amazon’s worldwide fulfillment network without the need to use complicated tools, write code or undertake a complex integration effort.” 

Pipe17 is an “eCommerce-friendly” SaaS application that gives eCommerce merchants the power to easily integrate a wide range of shopping carts, marketplaces, core ERP systems and 3PL/4PL fulfillment services, like Amazon MCF, and have them work together intelligently to manage their operations.

eCommerce merchants simply connect their applications to Pipe17 using their many, built-for-ecommerce connectors, or via Pipe17’s open API. Once they’re connected, Pipe17 manages order and inventory flows between their applications, gives merchants visibility into the health of their operation and alerts them about fulfillment problems that may require attention. Merchants can confidently expand their businesses, catch problems before their customers do, while reducing stress on their operations.

As part of this effort, Pipe17 is also launching Connect:MCF a Shopify app that offers smart connectivity between Amazon MCF and Shopify, so that Shopify merchants can easily use their Amazon inventory for fulfilling their Shopify orders.

Amazon MCF Providing Best-in-Class Fulfillment for Merchants

With the addition of Amazon MCF connectivity, Pipe17 users can now send orders automatically from dozens of order sources to MCF for fulfillment and take advantage of Amazon’s unique benefits that include:

  • Competitive pricing — Simple, transparent pricing with discounts up to 60% on multi-unit orders. Merchants pay only for fulfillment and storage.
  • Prime-like delivery speeds — Amazon offers a best-in-class, global fulfillment network that merchants can access to provide a better delivery experience for customers, with deliveries every day of the week. 
  • Streamlined operations — Amazon MCF manages all aspects of merchant fulfillment, letting merchants focus on growing their business.
  • Work from a single pool of inventory — Instead of having a different warehouse for each sales channel, merchants keep inventory centralized. This creates less stock outs and makes it easier to manage the overall inventory without needing to overstock.

Using Pipe17, MCF customers can automatically specify shipping speeds of 3-5 business days, 2 business days, or even next day delivery, for their orders as well as gain early access to Amazon’s unbranded packaging features that are currently being Beta tested. Users can manage inventory levels between MCF and the rest of their operation and use Pipe17’s advanced order routing, bundling and SKU matching capabilities to support more complex fulfillment requirements. 

Pipe17 will continue to partner closely with the Amazon MCF team to ensure users have access to the latest capabilities Amazon has to offer.

About Pipe17

Pipe17 is on a mission to fix the connectivity problem in ecommerce operations so that merchants can grow faster with less stress on their business.  Pipe17 Smart Connectivity gives eCommerce businesses the power to integrate a wide range of shopping carts, point of sales systems, marketplaces, core ERP systems, 3PLs and fulfillment services, and have them work together intelligently to manage their operations. To learn more visit us at https://pipe17.com

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Jon Gettinger
Chief Marketing Officer @Pipe17

Jon is a master at taking disruptive B2B SaaS applications like Pipe17 to market. He worked for many years in the world of enterprise software, marketing to the global 2000. Drawn to the massive potential in direct to consumer ecommerce where there are still many unsolved problems, he and his team are focused on thoughtful digital engagement with brands and merchants.

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