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Connect TikTok Shop with your fulfillment, sales and back-office channels and automate order flows—quickly and easily

Pipe17 is the fast and easy way to streamline your TikTok Shop order operations so you can focus on growing sales instead of putting out logistics and fulfillment fires. Whether your business self-fulfills or has dozens of 3PL partners, with Pipe17 every one of your TikTok Shop orders will be automatically routed to the most optimal fulfillment destination (and ERP or accounting system if you have one)—with no code, IT, or system integrators required.

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Pull Your Product Catalog into TikTok Shop

Start selling on TikTok Shop quickly with product catalog syncs from existing channels like Amazon, eBay, Salesforce Commerce, WooCommerce, and NetSuite to TikTok Shop.

Automate TikTok Shop Order-to-Fulfillment Flows

Deliver every TikTok Shop order on-time and on budget with dynamic order routing to any selling channel, fulfillment center, logistics provider, 3PL, or warehouse management system (WMS).

Integrate TikTok Shop to your ERP Quickly

Integrate TikTok Shop to your ERP in less than two weeks and bi-directionally sync dozens of data types including settlements, inventory, orders, products, returns, and more in real-time.

With the Pipe17 TikTok Shop connector you can…

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